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Can I shut off the water if my sprinkler doesn't turn off ?    Yes, most systems should have a cut off located near the water meter, it should be in a green or black box. It may also be on a white PVC pipe located next to the house. Each backflow device installed after 1968 should have a lever type handle or gate valve type handle (something like large faucet handles). Don't be surprised if you find the handles are broken or partially broken, sometimes they are missing, they have been known  to completely twist off due to corrosion. If the handles are gone, you may still be able turn off the water with a pair of channel locks or vice grips. This should stop the water to your sprinkler. Once the water is off, call a professional sprinkler repair service to fix the problem.

Why is the grass dead around the sprinkler head ?   There could be several reasons for this. Perhaps a broken sprinkler head, clogged nozzle on the sprinkler or improperly adjusted.  It may also be a disease or insect problem. 

My sprinklers in the flower bed no longer get water to the front of the bed because some of the plants are blocking the spray.  Can this be fixed?   Yes, depending on the customers preference some of the heads may be changed to risers with new spray nozzles or installation of a drip system might be an option.                                                                                                       

    Why is there always a wet spot in the lawn ?   If you have a wet spot in your lawn, first turn on your sprinkler system to see if you can spot any obvious problems. Next, be sure your controller has not malfunctioned and that you are not over watering.  Turn your sprinkler system off at the control panel for a couple of days to see in this corrects the problem.  If the problem persists, turn off the water at the main water supply. If the leak is in your lawn sprinkler system, the area should dry within a couple of days.

The controller box keeps flashing and won't reset. Do I need a new controller ?    When your electronic or digital controller does not operate correctly and/or will not accept a new program you should try to clear the display.  Remove the back up battery (replace it with a new one if you don't know how old it is) and unplug the controller from the wall outlet for about 15 to 20 seconds, plug the controller plug back into the outlet and see if this solved your problem. Some- times controllers are affected by a power surge that causes the memory to scramble and you simply need to clear the memory. If this fails to solve your problem, you may need to call an sprinkler repair technician.

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