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Can I shut off the water if my sprinkler doesn't turn off ?    Yes, most systems should have an isolation / cut off valve located near the water meter or the Backflow Prevention Device / Assembly, it should be in a green.  Each backflow device installed after 1968 should have a lever type handle or gate valve type handle (something like large faucet handles). Don't be surprised if you find the handles are broken or partially broken, sometimes they are missing, they have been known  to completely twist off due to corrosion. If the handles are gone, you may still be able turn off the water with a pair of channel locks or vice grips. This should stop the water to your sprinkler. 

On newer homes an isolation / shut off  valve may be located close to the water meter or backflow prevention device / assembly  . It would be located inside a green valve box. The isolation/shut off valve will be black and white, red and white, blue and white or grey and blue. (See the Backflow Devices page for more pictures / images).  Usually the grass has grown over top of the green valve box and may be difficult to locate.  You may use a screwdriver to tap in the ground lightly trying to locate it.

Sometimes you can stop the water by turning off the 2 handles on the backflow prevention device/ assembly.

AS A LAST RESORT you may have to turn the water meter off. This will turn off all water to the house.


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