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Sprinkler System


The following components installed in accordance with applicable state and local requirements are what make up the underground sprinkler system:

Backflow Prevention Assembly Device (BFPAD)   The Texas Commission on Enviromental Quality (TCEQ) requires every lawn sprinkler system installed in the State of Texas to be protected by a certified backflow prevention device.  A backflow device, the most important component of the system, is designed to  protect the quality and safety of the drinking water supply by preventing the sprinkler water from siphoning back into the city potable water supply. There are different types of BFPD 's depending on local city ordinances.  These are normally located close to the city water meter or may be located close to the house and are the primary water cutoffs for problems with the sprinkler system. These backflow devices are required to be tested and certified by a licensed backflow tester ( Stan Beegle, owner of Got Sprinkler Repair?  is a State Certified Tester ) periodically as determined by state and local ordinances. (Upon new installation, any type of repair or replacement of the device,(some cities may require a permit),  the cities of  Killeen, Copperas Cove and Temple have an annual test requirement, Harker Heights is every 5 years

Double Check Valve Assembly            Pressure Vacuum Breaker       Reduced Pressure Assembly


PVC Pipe  Available in different grades and diameter sizes depending on the requirement of the sprinkler design. PVC Pipe is used to deliver the water from the water meter and BFPD through the main line and lateral lines to the sprinkler heads. Various fittings are used to connect the pipe in different configurations.






Valves  A valve is a device that turns the water on and off to each area (zone) of your lawn. Generally there will be several valves located through out the lawn area, depending on the design of the system. There are three basic types of valves available, manual, electric and hydraulic valves. Electric valves are most the commonly used today. It operates by using 24V current from the  controller / timer to the valve. When the controller/timer sends electrical current through the wires to the zone valve, it magnetically opens the solenoid and allows the valve to deliver water to the sprinkler heads.  


Wire   Wires run from the controller / timer to each valve and are generally installed with the main line pipe below ground. The wire is available in different gages and colors as determined by the design specifications.


Sprinkler Heads  Spray heads are the type of heads that pop up and spray.  These heads are installed in the lawn area and are designed to pop up while watering and retract to ground level after the watering cycle. 

    Spray Head      Rotor Head 

Rotary heads are typically used when the requirement is to have a 25' or more radiuses.  These type heads are best used in large open areas. 





Controller/ Timer  This operates the lawn sprinkler system automatically. Many different types of controllers / timers are available on the market.  Programming of the controller determines start times, what days to water, how long watering cycles run, and which zones the sprinkler system  operates.


Add on Components  These various components can help to make the sprinkler system more efficient in water conservation. New technology has provided PC controlled mini weather stations which allows the controller to disperse the correct amounts of water to the lawn due to loss by soil and plant evaporation.  Rain and freeze sensors are also available which will turn off the system in the event of raining or freezing weather. Remote controls work like your TV remote , while sitting on the patio you can activate any of the zones to water.

Mini weather station        Rain/freeze sensor     


Remote Control 

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